We were tasked by 20th Century Fox and Blumhouse to bring The Belko Experiment to “life” and create a disruptive campaign that lured our audience int0 an unexpected explosion of shocking moments full of fun and terror. Our teams dove in and created a dynamic and evolving campaign filled with growing emotional turmoil, dark humor, and pressurized psychological tension, while leading our audience into a gloriously horrific battle of ethical choices and animalistic survival. Through this visceral journey we continually engaged our community with the question of MORALITY versus MORTALITY in an ever intensifying chamber of blood-soaked chaos, leading to the release of the film.

Digital channels and extensions were unapologetically direct and resonated from one fun and unsettlingly clinical voice. While focusing on sharable stories and character development, each piece of content was slanted to remind our community of the psychological experiment, while asking thought provoking questions about competition and survival.

We then brought The Belko Experiment to back to “life” for Fox Home Entertainment through a new, fun, and unexpected campaign filled with dark humor, clever spoofs, and a bit of psychological spin. While providing engaging motivational content and real sensory experiences, we dared our new Fox partners and owned communities to engage with Belko while arming each with multiple exclusive ways to experience the unsettling quirkiness of Belko.