Blumhouse TILT | A Killer Community of Subgenre Fans

For TILT, Blumhouse and partners tapped S&L to develop a micro-budget content strategy, social creative, and community management for 7 films in a single year. Each campaign had 3 primary objectives: identify the potential core audience and build its community across platforms; amplify conversations around themes, building awareness and interest; then from each subgenre, build out a broader fan base. We monitored 500+ unique posts across FB/Insta/TW and owned channels while hosting over 22M digital views for 12 exclusive videos. In a series of 14 week campaigns from trailer release to opening, our efforts garnered 220M total impressions, 1M+ engagements, and 120K new fans per film across channels (which meant close to 1M new Blumhouse community fans).

Our first theatrical work for The Darkness drove over 300 million impressions and helped it to triple all industry estimates. We brought The Belko Experiment to life via a disruptive campaign filled with psychological tension and ethical choices. And for Sleight, we captured a superhero-fatigued audience through an unexpected origins story of survival, discovery, and misdirection – and helped deliver an opening weekend that more than doubled projections.