MGM Court Shows | Court is in Session – and on Social

Season after season, episode after episode, we kept social channels fresh to drive interest in MGM’s “Big 3” court shows:  Paternity Court, Couples Court, and Personal Injury. We leaned into the judges’ personalities to shape our tone, called out the litigants intense conflicts and emotional journeys, and drove viewers to get invested in the outcomes. Original content – clips, graphics, insights on the law, and eye-catching quotes – teased episodes by highlighting eye-raising tales and face-to-face accusations.

Our social coverage went beyond the courtroom, from executing AMAs to using Facebook live to share Judge Lauren’s multiple Daytime Emmy nominations with her followers then filming the Cutlers as they headed to the awards, flushed with excitement. And by digging into reporting, our hands-on community management team continued to fine-tune show messaging week after week.